2015 Purses with a Purpose

Providing financial literacy support to women

Purses with a Purpose has been a highly successful annual luncheon driven by female business leaders and innovators.


Transformance is proud to announce the success that Purses with a Purpose was on October 21st. Thanks to community leaders and influencers, a collective, positive impact will be made to educate the community. We are honored to be a large part of that effort. Funds were successfully raised to support financial literacy programs and better the economic status of the community.


These leaders have made it their purpose to ensure the continual enhancement of financial literacy among families and female households. During the event, funds were raised to support programs that provide financial education and counseling.

Influential speakers such as:


  • Carmen Rita Wong

  • Michelle Singletary

  • Ilyce Glink

  • Elisabeth Leamy

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Want to volunteer?

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer financial coach for one of our education programs? Perhaps you want to volunteer on one of our event committees, such as our annual fundraiser Purses with a Purpose?

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