2016 North Texas Giving Day

Join us September 22, 2016 for a region-wide giving campaign

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For years, Camilla has struggled to make ends meet for her family of four. As a single mother, she works tirelessly to provide for her three children, working three part-time jobs to earn enough to pay for rent, food, gas for a 20-year-old sedan, and school supplies. Without savings, recent smaller emergencies have forced Camilla to use a neighborhood payday lender to make it through the week. But after she paid off that high-interest loan, she’s decided it’s time to get serious about savings and planning for the future.

Enter in Transformance. With our AIM (Accountable. Inspirational. Motivational.) matched savings program, we’re able to kick-start Camilla’s savings plan. For every $25 she saves each month, we match those funds for a year. In 12 months, she’ll have $600 in her account and a better understanding of how to make her money work for her.


Those enrolled in AIM also have access to our in-person workshops and online webinars. These classes are designed to teach individuals and families about basic credit, budgeting, money management, preventing identity theft, how to weather a financial crisis, and setting realistic goals. For some, this knowledge means the difference between falling further into debt or climbing out of poverty and devastating financial habits.


With a small $25 donation, you can directly impact the lives of single mothers like Camilla. Your contribution will enable us to expand our reach in the greater Dallas community and make a lasting impact on the lives of future generations.


Meet Gabby. At 19, she’s determined to be a real estate agent and is working as a part-time administrative assistant at a realtor’s office while she attends night classes at Eastfield College in the Dallas County Community College District. She lives at home because she can’t afford a place of her own, and struggles to meet her monthly bills for her cell phone, car payment and a maxed-out credit card. Sometimes, she spends her money on a weekend outing with friends and neglects an overdue bill, which puts her further behind and causes her stress. 

One day on campus, Gabby stopped by a Transformance table outside the cafeteria and an outreach counselor told her about C2:SAFE, or College Counts: Securing Assets Through Financial Education. The program is geared for DCCCD students and offers free services, including confidential financial counseling and access to financial webinars and workshops. Gabby also learned students who qualify can join AIM, a matched savings program. (Her mother, Camilla, is already enrolled.)

During a coaching session, Gabby discovered Pocket Change USA, a new mobile app from Transformance. She loaded it onto her smartphone and began reading through the various lessons in the Learn section. She’s played some of the games and read through the FAQs on the Connect page. But she’s finding real value in the Plan section where she can create financial goals and get reminders and see her progress.

With a $25 donation, you can help college students like Gabby. Your contribution will ensure we continue a program that is making a direct impact on the greater Dallas community and enabling young adults – especially women – to secure better paying jobs and lead their families out of poverty. 


Last year the North Texas Giving Day raised more than $33 million from over 118,000 gifts in a single day of fundraising. In 2016, we're confident we can do more, and make an even bigger impact on our communities!



Most of Ernie’s day is spent dreaming up new superheroes or trying to catch Pokemons. The Dallas middle schooler is quiet but bright, an above-average teenager obsessed with video games. After he’s done with his homework, he’ll spend his evenings playing his Xbox or new gaming apps on his older sister’s smartphone. He’s discovered something called Pocket Change USA and is trying to complete the lessons and games to earn enough credits to buy all the outfits for the game’s mascot, Flip. 
The other day, he overheard his mother Camilla complain to his uncle that she might not have enough money for the light bill this month. Ernie remembered something he’d read in the Pocket Change USA app and told his mother about the Connect option. Together, they dialed the number and a Transformance Navigator answered the call. In a short time, Ernie’s family was connected with Services of Hope, a Transformance strategic partner, and the electric bill was covered. 
Services of Hope is primarily an education non-profit organization, but they have additional services that include food banks, clothing banks, a furniture bank, and assistance with utilities and transportation. As a Transformance partner, they can now expand their reach through new communities and new technology – specifically, Pocket Change USA. As a result, more families within the greater Dallas area are getting the help they need to move out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. 
For as little as $25, you can make a direct impact on the lives of our North Texas families. Your donation will put food on tables, school supplies in backpacks, and households on the right track. 


Last month, it was a ballerina. This month, Isabella thinks she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up. What the Dallas ISD third-grader knows for sure is she has some time to make up her mind. Right now, she's more interested in science, art, playing dolls with her friends next door, and spending time with her family on the weekends. Sometimes, they don't do much but watch TV or go down the street to the park because her mother is either working or can't afford to take her and her older brother to the movies. 
A few weeks ago, Isabella's teacher introduced a new lesson: money basics with Pocket Change Kids. Every student in her class has a login ID and a password and can use the classroom computers to visit the Pocket Change Kids website. For 30 minutes a week, she and her classmates play games, work through exercises, and learn about how to make a budget and how much you need to save to get the things you want. She loves the characters in the games - look, there's that silly pig again! - and she has a better idea of what her mother Camilla is going through when it comes to money.   

At Transformance, we're excited about connecting with a new generation and increasing their financial knowledge. Through our strategic partnership with Clay Piggy, we've created a robust program that helps children understand basic money concepts and equips Texas teachers with the tools they need to answer some tough questions. We're confident our "two-generational approach" will enable children to start conversations with their parents about how to secure a financially stable future. 
Donors and sponsors of Pocket Change Kids make a direct impact on the lives of thousands and thousands of Texas schoolchildren. Every $25 donation enables the program to be placed in more schools and support more communities. 

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