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Accountable. Inspirational. Motivational.

For every dollar you deposit in your IDA, another dollar will be matched (up to $25/mo)

FHCCS will help you take charge of your finances so that you can enjoy improved credit, reduced or eliminated debt, and an emergency savings account. Creating the road to improved credit and finances doesn't have to be difficult and you don't have to do it alone.


Serving over 400 consumers per year, the A.I.M. program stands for Accountable, Inspirational, and Motivational. United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and a private partnership fund this financial capability program for low to moderate income families. A.I.M. will expand your financial knowledge and skills through:


  • Financial counseling

  • Coaching

  • Classes

  • A matched IDA savings account

Non profit organization Resource One Credit Union has partnered with A.I.M. to provide the Individual Development Accounts (IDA). If you save at least $25 per month, with your $25 match, you will have a $600 in emergency savings after 12 months. A.I.M. is the ideal program to establish a savings or give a boost to your current savings account.


You're eligible for A.I.M. if you or your household resides in a geographic area that earns 80% or less of the area median income as defined by section 8. The gross household income from all members of the household is the determining factor for eligibility.

Participating funders:

  • Individuals or households that reside in Collin, Dallas, Southern Denton and Rockwall Counties


  • Individuals or households that makes equal to or less than $56,080 (80% or less of the area median income as prescribed by the Section 8 low-income guideline by HUD)


  • Income determined by gross household income, which is gross income earned by all the members of the consumer's household

Simple Requirements:


1. Make a monthly deposit to FHCCS, where the deposit will then go to the participant's bank account. Every dollar up to $25 will be matched as long as you complete a touch point that month (below).


2. Complete a monthly touchpoint. The touch points are to be completed in 12 months and include 3 counseling sessions, 3 coaching sessions and 6 education classes.

Already Enrolled in AIM? 

Complete a monthly touchpoint by viewing one of our online learning sessions. These online videos, available 24/7, are ideal for staying on top of your program requirements and learning more about money issues. 

Simply sign up (at right) and follow the instructions. We'll send you a link to the videos and additional information. 

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