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Helping individuals and families create financial freedom since 1974

Debt Management & Financial Education

Helping individuals and families create financial freedom since 1974

Transformational Learning Systems that Create Financially Accountable and Sustainable Communities


Why Choose Us



FHCCS Mission

To empower individuals and families to achieve financial freedom.


Our vision is a financially sound community that values; integrity, compassion, professionalism, innovation, &  accountability. 

Code of Ethics


  • Provide a non-profit community service dedicated to confidential and professional financial debt counseling at a low cost.


  • Aid and rehabilitate financially distressed families and individuals in a professional manner regardless of age, race, creed, gender, disability, social position, financial status, sexual orientation, national or ethic origin.


  • Limit counseling to financial matters and refrain from giving legal advice.


  • Non-financial problems shall be referred to other appropriate agencies. 


  • Respect the privacy of our clients and their rights to refuse participation in studies or research. 


  • Ensure informed consent and client participation in decisions about services and that those decisions are based solely on client needs and preferences.


  • Provide a debt liquidation program, where required, which is equitable to all creditors and which is most advantageous to the client.


  • Develop and foster community educational programs on family money management, budgeting, and the intelligent use of credit.


  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with the credit community, employee assistance programs, labor counselors, and social service agencies within the community.


FHCCS Past, Present and Future

In 1973, a group of Dallas businessmen had a vision to help people struggling with debt. They saw a need and met it. The need was for consumers to be better informed regarding to the wise use of money and credit for little to no cost.
The wheels began turning, and in January 1974, CCCS of Greater Dallas made its first disbursement to creditors on behalf of its clients in the amount of $5,000 and a nonprofit service organization was born.
For over 41 years, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas (CCCS) has successfully supported individuals and families to transition out of financial crisis. A nonprofit organization with DNA rooted in financial education, the CCCS mission has always been to empower individuals and families to achieve financial freedom—with the vision of building financially stable and sustainable communities. 


In August of 2015, CCCS officially became Transformance, Inc. in order to more effectively serve the changing demands of its communities. The broadened portfolio for Transformance includes a robust suite of products and services with a targeted focus on preventative solutions that drive measurable outcomes. These preventative solutions will enable robust expansion to its current suite of successful crisis resolution services, which have positively impacted more than 1.7 million lives.


Today, Transformance is changing the financial literacy landscape by building strategic partnerships and innovative learning systems focused on preventive solutions that drive long-term behavior change with measurable outcomes for individuals, families, and the communities they serve.




Transformance and CCCS has always adhered to the highest business standards and became an accredited agency in 1992. Transformance maintains this accreditation to this day. The Council on Accreditation (COA), an independent third party, oversees the accreditation process which includes an examination of 39 service standards as well as onsite visits by peer reviewers.


Certified Counselors


Additionally, to provide the highest level of financial counseling, in 1989 the agency began requiring that all of its counselors become Certified Consumer Credit Counselors. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) administers the testing that covers six books on a broad range of counseling related subjects. Every Transformance counselor is required to become certified within 12 months of employment, and is expected to maintain that certification through earning Professional Development Units.


Financial Education


The education department began as an army of one in 1999 and today boasts a complete staff of trained educators and presenters making approximately 1,500 presentations each year in both English and Spanish. Through the efforts of these trained educators, Transformance reaches 30,000-40,000 consumers annually with the good news that financial wellness is within their grasp. Furthermore, the Transformance strong online educational presence provides the tools for managing credit and money for many thousands more.


Housing Counseling


Since a home is normally a person’s largest investment, Transformance puts a strong emphasis on Housing Counseling and helping people with their housing problems. Transformance is a HUD-approved agency, having received HUD housing grants since 1979. Transformance routinely works with lenders and consumers to either prevent or resolve housing problems, in addition to providing education and counseling for pre-purchase, post-purchase rental, foreclosure prevention and reverse mortgages.


Programs and Services


As the economy shifts, Transformance will continue working diligently to meet its client’s needs. For example, Transformance also provides certified student loan default counseling, financial coaching, pre-retirement and pre-college counseling to help its clients plan and prepare for a successful financial future.


Additionally, the Transformance portfolio is expanding even more with the development of many new programs and services including an advanced eLearning platform featuring 24/7 access, engaging learning games and videos, access via mobile or web, complete library of useful planning tools and resources, as well as connection to live counseling and support.


Transformance will continue to help clients across the entire socio-economic spectrum and work to provide services that work for them. Transformance has come a long way and positively impacted over 1.7 million lives.  Nonetheless, the ONE thing that has remained the same is the unwavering resolve to keep its clients at the heart of everything it does. That philosophy has been successful for 40 years, and will continue to be its guide.


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