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In 2016, Transformance delivered more than 100,000 consumer interactions through financial coaching, outreach and education. In 2017, the agency will continue to serve low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible online and through its new mobile app, Pocket Change USA.


Transformance has adopted the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Center for Working Families model, providing a coordinated set of services to help low-income individuals and families get jobs, strengthen their finances and move up the economic ladder. Low-income families face a variety of overwhelming obstacles in trying to achieve financial stability – a job alone often isn't enough.


Program partners (Transformance, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders, Services of Hope, Mountain View College, Northwest Community Center and Priceless Childcare), working through and alongside case managers, will help participants navigate available services while financial coaches maintain accountability and provide navigation support with regards to the distribution of funds to remove barriers.


Since its founding in 1974, Transformance has empowered clients to overcome adversity and attain their financial goals. Services include credit/budget coaching, financial education, housing counseling, individual debt management and bankruptcy coaching. Transformance provides the following programs and services:


  • Provides a national nonprofit resource dedicated to confidential and professional coaching to assist financially distressed or economically vulnerable families

  • Develops and fosters community educational programs on family money management, budgeting and the wise use of money and credit

  • Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with the credit community, employee assistance programs, professional counselors and community-based social service agencies

  • Provides opportunities for economic empowerment of low and moderate income families and with a particular focus on at-risk communities such as seniors, military families, veterans, communities of color and single, female-headed households

  • Enables good financial knowledge early in life through its focus on education of students (K -12) and their parents through agency strategic partnerships


Transformance Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a United Way Service Provider as well as a HUD-approved multistate housing counseling and education organization. The agency is formally accredited every four years by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Families to ensure compliance with top industry standards and best practices. The agency has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with satellite offices in Arlington; Austin; Amarillo; and Ardmore, Oklahoma.


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