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Social Media Posts


Program partners and advocates may use the following social media posts to promote CLASP and spread the news!



  • Free warehouse logistics job training & certification for select single parents in Dallas. #CLASP

  • #CLASP orientation begins Aug. 1 at Northwest Community Center. Learn more:

  • We’re putting single parents from Dallas into new careers. #CLASP #newjobnewfuture

  • Nonprofit agencies join City of Dallas for new #CLASP program.

  • Looking for a new career? #CLASP may be right for you.

  • Free job training, certification, financial education and career skills in one program. #CLASP

  • @ServicesofHope1 is providing food, rent and utility assistance to #CLASP participants. Are you eligible?

  • @InspiringTL is providing crucial job training for #CLASP. Are you ready for a new career?

  • @MVCOnline is training and certifying #CLASP participants for warehouse logistics jobs. Ready to get started?

  • @WRGroup has job readiness, soft skills & leadership development covered for #CLASP.

  • #CLASP and @nccrefugees are connecting jobs and services with those in need.

  • @WFSDallas supports #CLASP, helping single parents in Dallas connect to new careers.




  • Our new CLASP program is providing free warehouse logistics job training and certification to single parents from select Dallas neighborhoods. Learn more:

  • Our first CLASP cohort begins August 1. In two months, that class will be trained and ready to join a Fortune 500 company. Think you’re ready to sign on? Check your eligibility at

  • We’re working with the City of Dallas and several local nonprofit agencies to make a positive impact on the lives of single-parent households in our community.

  • CLASP will train and certify eligible single parents in warehouse logistics and prepare them for a new career path. Learn more about the program’s requirements and additional offerings.

  • Through CLASP, participants receive FREE warehouse logistic job training and certification, financial education, career pathway training, career readiness skills, and access to a host of social services. Are you eligible? Learn more:





  • Through CLASP, we’re creating a stronger workforce in Dallas and making a direct impact on the local economy.

  • Transformance and its partners are one of seven nonprofit groups to receive a workforce development grant from the City of Dallas. Discover how we’re changing the lives of single-parent families with CLASP.

  • We’re forming partnerships in Dallas to help residents of Vickery Meadows with new careers and social services through a new workforce development grant.

  • We’re recruiting single parents from Dallas for FREE warehouse logistics training and certification. If your nonprofit serves local single-parent families in need, our first orientation is August 1. Call 1-800-249-2227 or log on to to learn more about this unique program.

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