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The Importance of a Child’s Education Fund

In just a few short weeks, millions of parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will send their kids back to school. Let’s help them look beyond graduation to higher education and lifetime careers. 

The Dangers of Payday Lending

Emergencies and financial troubles are a way of life, and most of us struggle to meet these unexpected demands. But some in our community fall victim to a devastating cycle when they don’t recognize or understand the dangers of payday lending.

Better Credit Scores On The Way Thanks To New Standards

Consumers may be one step closer to a higher credit score.

Dallas Poverty Reaches Tipping Point

Researchers from the Dallas Poverty Task Force have just convincingly proved that the poverty rate in Dallas has reached a critical tipping point. 

June Celebrates Home Owners: Here’s How to Become One

Transformance interim CEO Dr. Daniel B. Prescott Jr. shares options on how you can become a homeowner in this North Dallas Gazette article. 

Student Loan Do’s and Don’ts

The season of graduation is upon us … and so is the ideal time to address the most challenging hurdle for our collegiate graduates: student loan debt. 

How to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Do you know what others think of you? Here are a few ways to check, and improve, your credit score. 

Protection From Predators? Amarillo Ordinance Cutting Down on ‘Abusive’ Payday Loans

Interim CEO Dr. Daniel B. Prescott, Jr. gives The Amarillo Globe suggestions on how consumers can alleviate their burden and pay off payday loans. 

Get Banked Today

This column in meant for anyone out there who does not have a real bank account. We call these folks the “unbanked” or “underbanked” and according to statistics, there are quite a few of you out there. Unbanked means you have no access to a checking or savings account. Underbanked means you may have an account, but you continue to rely on alternative financial services, such as check-cashing, payday loans, rent-to-own agreements and pawn shop deals.

Celebrating Financial Literacy Month in April

The focus of Financial Literacy Month centers on a simple five-step plan to put consumers on a path to financial wellness. These steps include commitment, assessment, organization, prioritization and living on a budget.

The Power of Saving Money and How to Get Started

Many of you may have once tried to save money by setting aside a nominal amount of cash each month. Chances are, it didn’t take. You might also feel defeated...

Preparing for Tax Season: Part II

Transformance Interim CEO Dr. Daniel B. Prescott Jr. looks at the Do's and Don'ts of tax preparation in the second of a two-part series. 

Preparing for Tax Season: Part I

Transformance Interim CEO Dr. Daniel B. Prescott Jr. offers a checklist for tax preparation in the first of a two-part series. 

New Year, New You. Getting Your Financial House in Order

2017 is now a little more than a month old. While a few of your New Year’s resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside (or maybe not), there is still plenty of time left this year to get your own financial house in order.

Abolish the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau? Nonsense.

In a wild and unchecked political election season full of daily insults, allegations, leaked emails, inappropriate behavior and off-the-cuff tweets, something else quite sinister has gone almost completely unnoticed.

One of the two major political parties vying for the White House in 2016 has openly called for abolishing the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Considering what I do for a living, I felt compelled to write a passionate defense of this agency, created five years ago under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

This Dallas Company Helps You Get Out Of Debt by Thorne Anderson

Meet Angela Lair, a certified credit counselor with Transformance in Dallas. The nonprofit offers budget counseling, debt management plans, student loan counseling and more.

Changing the Game on Financial Literacy

Transformance CEO Ken Goodgames talks about the agency's mission and the goal of Pocket Change USA during the "Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso" radio show.

Surgery Plunges This Family Into Long-Lasting Credit Card Debt

Struggling under a pile of debt isn’t something unique to those with low-paying jobs. The typical Texan carries nearly $4,700 of credit card debt, according to That balance tends to increase as income goes up.  Despite bringing home $90,000 a year, one North Texas family is struggling to reduce a cache of credit cards.

Frisco debt relief company draws more than 100 BBB complaints

Anthony Alexander found himself $8,000 in debt from hospital bills and other expenses last year when a commercial for United Debt Services, a Frisco-based debt settlement company, came on his mom's TV.

Its claim? It will get you out of debt.

Pocket Change USA allows users to learn important financial concepts while they play

Transformance reaches their target audience where they are to provide financial support to low-income families using an integrated approach specifically designed to make it easier for families to obtain critically needed work support services. 

Transformance Financial Literacy App Interview with Ken Goodgames

ICTN's Cathy Whiteman speaks with CEO Ken Goodgames about our app, Pocket Change USA! Download at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

Transformance U.S.A. Comes to Texoma

May 6, 2016


ARDMORE, OK-- Pam Webb with Transformance U.S.A. has moved to Texoma. They're a non-profit credit counseling and financial education agency that empowers individuals and families achieve their financial dreams.

Transformance Gamifies Personal Finance with App

MAY 5, 2016


Transformance bills itself as the financial education hub, where people can seek counseling for everything from credit card debt to saving for a house. But finances can be a sensitive subject for many people who don’t want to talk with someone in person or sit in a classroom.

Transformance Opens Branch Location In Ardmore, Oklahoma

April 7, 2016


DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2016 / Transformance, Inc., the Dallas-based financial literacy nonprofit, has opened a branch location in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The new facility, which will host an open house on April 14, 2016, will serve the Ardmore population as well as other southern Oklahoma communities.

Steve Noviello's Basic Training Podcast: Credit Crunch vs Credit Crisis

March 21, 2016


In this episode Steve Noviello and Ken Goodgames discuss various financial literacy topics such as:


1. Overcoming the shame people might feel about being in debt to help them out of debt, what happens if you straightened out your finances, only to have a relapse?

2. What kind of a credit score do you really need to buy a house?

3. Why this generation of retirees is the first to take college debt into their retirement plans

A Dallas-made, 'Candy Crush'-inspired game could teach you about financial independence

March 22, 2016


Video games that exist purely for entertainment are a dime a dozen. It can be harder to find a game that's not only educational, but that's good at teaching its players things about the real world. Sure, you could probably name a few that are "school approved," like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, The Oregon Trail and Math Blaster, but we could always use more.

16 lecciones de educación financiera para darle a tus hijos

March 2016


La educación financiera desde que son niños será fundamental para que, al crecer, puedan hacer un uso responsable del dinero. Introducirlos en el hábito del ahorro podría ser un gran primer paso. ¡Descubre cómo!

Should Consumers Buy or Refinance Now or Wait?

March 21, 2016


Interest rates are low, but they won't stay that way forever, as the Federal Reservejust declined to raise the federal funds rate. That's what banks charge each other and it ends up impacting what you pay. So if you're looking to buy a house or refinance, what should you do?

6 Ways to Finance a Medical Procedure

March 16, 2016


Need an expensive medical procedure, but can’t pay for it? Seems people from all walks of life are in the same shaky financial situation — and not just the uninsured. Many people with insurance have high-deductible plans, large co-pays or co-insurance that leave them racking up medical debt.

NBC 5 Responds Gives Family Money Makeover

March 7, 2016


After six weeks of providing financial advice, NBC 5 Responds wraps up the Smith family through a money makeover.

Personal Loans Forecast to Rise in 2016 - What Consumers Should Know

March 3, 2016


When you don’t have the money you need, what do you do? Increasingly, people are turning to personal loans. Some 24 million Americans are expected to take out a personal loan this year, and according to TransUnion, the number of people with personal loans has grown 18% since 2013.

Women and Finance: Taking the Reins of a Sound Financial Future

February 29, 2016 


Professional women today face different challenges from those faced by their mothers and grandmothers. Many are heads of households, heads of companies…or both.

Doing the Math: Cohabitating vs. Getting Married

February 19, 2016


Transformance President Ken Goodgames weighs in on marriage and finances. 

Transformance Featured in NBC 5 DFW 'Money Matters' Report

February 16, 2016


NBC 5 anchor Deanna Dewberry talks about personal finance with Transformance, Inc. and one of their individual clients.

Transformance Partners With Clay Piggy

February 1, 2016


Transformance Inc., a 42-year-old nonprofit organization providing financial counseling, outreach and education, recently formed a strategic partnership with Clay Piggy LLC to serve Title I schools.

Pocket Change Game Design Challenge: Win $10,000 for your idea to help youth bank on their financial future

December 3rd, 2015


Show young Americans how savings makes cents in our $10,000 game design challenge.


Financial challenges plague many Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck and not establishing safety nets through savings. In the U.S., 44 percent of all households do not have sufficient financial reserves to weather a financial crisis, according to the nonprofit CFED.

13 Genius Ways To Pay Off Your Debt Once And For All

January 3, 2016 


Take things step-by-step to make 2016 the year you finally get a handle on those student loans or credit card bills.

Recent Survey Reveals Most Students are Uninformed About Their Student Loans

December 1, 2015


Student loan debt has reached record levels, and over 40 million Americans currently have at least one student loan. Some of these borrowers are college graduates, while others never completed their education.



Transformance Greatly Expands Local U.S. Veteran Outreach

November 10, 2015


In 2015, the agency will have delivered more than 125,000 consumer interactions through financial counseling, outreach, and education. In 2016, the agency expects to serve up to 1 million low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible on-line and through a new mobile app.

Transformance Expands Local U.S. Veteran Outreach

November 10, 2015


In 2015, the agency will have delivered more than 125,000 consumer interactions through financial counseling, outreach, and education. In 2016, the agency expects to serve up to 1 million low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible on-line and through a new mobile app.

Arlington Eyes New Rules for Payday Lenders

November 10, 2015


Arlington is joining a growing number of cities trying to regulate payday lenders, which offer short-term loans and other cash services.




Better Banking Options

November 3rd, 2015


FOX 4 News covers the benefits of opening an A.I.M. to create an emergency savings fund.