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Services of Hope is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt corporation that was founded in 2004.  We strive to provide government policy-makers and school district administrators with a replicable model for underperforming elementary school transformation.  We aim to produce high functioning academically successful fifth-graders. Our focus is on schools that year after year have denied the vast majority of their most vulnerable students a fair shot at success. Continuing this level of neglect is morally unconscionable, and we must provide a new start for these students.

SOH hopes to prevent the dismal future that statistical data suggests if children fail to achieve academically.  Combining our passion to invest in young people with the support of our communities will make all the difference in the lives of our students and give them a chance to beat the odds.

SOH is a proud partner of FHCCS. Together we can bring lasting change to our communities. To learn more about Services of Hope visit their website and even download the RoundUp App to start donating your spare change today!

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