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How do you nickel and dime yourself?

We appeared in a story on CBS on Feb 11th all about the top money mistakes we make. (Find the full story here.)

These include not refinancing, not watching management fees on retirement accounts, not shopping around each year for insurance, paying a higher credit card interest rate than your FICO should permit...It made us wonder, what are some of the ways that you feel you waste money, or let dollars slip through your fingertips?

It may be nickel and dime-sized, such as getting snacks out of the vending machine at work, or maybe you love your gourmet morning coffee. Perhaps you love brand-name label clothes or food, or you like to go out more than you can afford. Maybe couponing is a pain, and so is travelling when airfares are discounted. Or, maybe they are bigger things - things that could substantially save you money. So, what is it for you?

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