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How much did you spend for Valentine's Day?

Well, we just survived another holiday, this the one cynics accuse the greeting card, candy, flower, jewelry and date night industries of manufacturing! Depending on your relationship status, this could be a non-event for your budget... or an extremely expensive ordeal!

What do you do? If you agree to not do much, you still may offend your significant other that you don't care. On the flip side, Keeping up with the Kardashians is not an option, unless you have a romantic notion of insolvency! And as opposed to budgeting for the winter holidays, Valentine's Day is usually one with surprises, so you don't know what the other is thinking, let alone spending. Remember, money doesn't equal love, even February 14th.

The best gifts are often not found in stores or at the mall, but simply come from showing you care and love someone. Hand-written notes, home-cooked meals, a massage, or deeds of service (getting chores done) are all ways of showing your love. Think up a romantic evening where you focus on each other. It doesn't have to be an expensive meal out, a dozen roses or a piece of jewelry. Me, I like to show love by leaving enough money to pay the mortgage, car payments and utilities at the beginning of the month! So, what did you do, how much did you spend, and how did you cut corners to make it special without being too expensive?

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