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Spring Cleaning Tips that Increase Your Budget

As Spring begins to bloom it’s time to get up and make some room- with your finances. Refresh your budget by increasing your income and decreasing your expenses. Here’s how:

1. Clean Out Your Closet

There are many ways to increase your income this way. Check out your closet and

see what you didn’t wear this past season and what you won’t be wearing this

spring. This infographic can help you figure out what to keep, pitch or sell. Once

this is determined, pick the right vendor for you.

Do your research, starting here, and find which platform works- whether it’s an online

store or a local consignment shop, find out where you can get the most for your

clothes, or other items.

2. Do the Pantry Challenge

Remember those items in your pantry that you ignored all winter long? Put them to

use by partaking in the pantry challenge! Decrease your grocery expenses for the

month by using up what you already have.

Worried you can’t put together an edible recipe with your pantry ingredients? Plug in

food items into one of these online sites and create a tasty meal that you and your

family will love.

3. DIY Cleaning Supplies

Quality cleaning supplies can be costly and off brands may be cheaper, but they

also come diluted, creating quite the dilemma. Solve this problem by turning this into

a Do It Yourself project! Make your own cleaning supplies that are equal if not better

to the cleaning products you feel good using.

4. Basic Maintenance

Cleaning out your gutters and other basic maintenance may seem like a pain, but

it’ll be more painful if you don’t or wait to do it later. Address any basic car, home

and yard maintenance this spring and give yourself peace of mind.

5. Freshen up your Budget

Make changes in your budget to match the change in the weather. Adjusting your

wallet doesn’t have to bring you down- make it fun and make it refreshing. Start by

cutting unnecessary costs where you can and substituting them with cheaper


Trade in the treadmill at the gym for a jog in the park, switch out a night going to a

restaurant with a night grilling hamburgers, find local events in your town

that are free. You don’t have to feel like you're fasting on all things fun to notice a

positive change in your budget.

Whether you’re cleaning out your house, your kitchen, or your budget, make this the month

where spring cleaning doesn’t clean out your wallet. Good luck! We know you can do it!

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