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A Message For My Team

Earlier this month, I made one of the more difficult decisions in my career — to step down from my leadership position at Transformance. As part of my pending transition, I wanted to pen a note to all of our board members, staff, stakeholders, partners and clients.

When I look back at the almost two years I’ve served this brilliant nonprofit, I am in awe of what we all accomplished together. To put this progress in simple “Before” and “After” terms would simply denigrate the truly amazing goals we’ve achieved together. Allow me to stroll down memory lane and walk us through a few highlights that show exactly what progress looks like.

Together, Transformance itself was transformed. What began as a consumer credit counseling mainstay has now become a thriving, fully integrated social services delivery nonprofit, based on the Annie E. Casey Working Family Success Model.

Together, Transformance is soon slated to open the doors to the 7,000-square-foot Economic Empowerment Center. Dozens of other nonprofit organizations and countless individuals will now have a new space to gather, network, receive education and apply for critical social services.

Together, we set a fundraising record of over $200,000 for our annual “Purses with a Purpose” event.

Together, we created an award-winning mobile app and online platform, Pocket Change USA, which encourages the gamification of long-term financial literacy behavior.

Together, we helped fund the Dallas Champions Academy, sending over 100 underprivileged youths to an annual four-day camp where they learned life lessons, financial coaching and physical fitness.

Together, we created numerous affiliations and initiatives that benefitted U.S. veterans with job placement, housing assistance and transitional skills training.

Together, we put together a series of webinars and seminars designed to educate the public on financial literacy and wealth accumulation.

Together, our team of certified budget counselors helped thousands of individuals and families in navigating their way through immediate crisis situations.

Together, we based our executive and team roles on the servant leadership philosophy model, allowing us to enable our peers in developing their full potential and abilities.

Together, we took our message of financial literacy and integrated services to the widest audience in our nonprofit’s history.

Together, we organized food drives, served meals, collected clothing and served the neediest in our communities.

Together, we opened a new satellite office in Ardmore, Oklahoma, under the leadership of Pam Webb, expanding our reach beyond North Texas.


From my heart, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished together. I will miss the day-to-day enthusiasm from each and every one of you who have created the vision come to life that is Transformance. This organization has a bright future and retains the power to achieve even newer heights long after my time here comes to a close.

Allow me to leave you with that last thought. It’s the very least this humble servant leader can do.



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