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What if the power to earn, keep and grow your finances was in one place?

Are you ready to START living a better life? With our integrated services, you can START on your way to a more financially stable future!


What is it?


START is an integrated services deliver program that enables working families to find successful outcomes. We’ve joined hands with other like-minded nonprofit agencies to provide workforce development, income support, and financial education to those who need it most. With one click you can access a whole suite of services designed to help you EARN more money, KEEP more of what you make, and GROW your financial future.

How does it work?


WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT. Are you earning the most you can at your current job? Having a hard time finding the “right job” for you, moving from dead-end job to dead-end job as you search for your “career” job? We can help.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders offers skills and interest assessments, job training programs, certification programs, approved job placement, and retention support – all designed to help you find stable employment and gain an increased sense of security. 

INCOME SUPPORT. Are you struggling to make ends meet, or getting hit with one financial emergency after another? Are you having to make tough decision between keeping the lights on and getting the car fixed? We can help.

Services of Hope provides benefit and support services, emergency food, utilities assistance, clothing assistance, and furniture assistance. They can increase your access to vital services and help you build a greater resilience to the troublesome times ahead. GET MORE INFO

FINANCIAL CAPABILITY. And what about the money you do make? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not worry about living paycheck to paycheck or get those debt collectors to stop calling? We can help.

FHCCS offers one-on-one coaching on a variety of financial education topics, including debt management, asset-building strategies, and how to save for the future. These services are meant to increase your financial capability and help you access needed financial services for you and your family. 

3 agencies, 1 mission

Want a quick snapshot of how our integrated services program works with so many moving parts? Click the image at left to download a PDF. 

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