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Mission-Driven Collaboration & Partnerships

Empowering learners to achieve behavior changes that enable economic sustainability is no small task.


We believe the best way to meet this challenge is to encourage collaboration, innovation, resource-sharing, and break-through problem solving by those living and working closest to where problems are located.


This is where you come in. By working with FHCCS, you can help families and individuals receive the valuable resources, transformative financial learning, customized educational opportunities and innovative technological solutions they need.


The FHCCS ecosystem is designed to bring together best-in-class organizations from numerous sectors to tackle financial literacy, produce measurable outcomes, and create economically sustainable communities. The FHCCS ecosystem entities include nonprofits, community organizations, businesses and corporations, educational institutions, technology providers, government and faith-based organizations—all working together around the mission of improving the financial circumstances for individuals, families, and communities.

We invite you to explore how partnering with us can help you achieve your business objectives while becoming a part of the solution. Once we understand your goals, we can customize and develop the perfect solution for you. 


Cause Marketing & Outreach


Join with us to create organizational capacity for the mission of building economically sustainable communities. A few examples include:


  • Donation with purchase

  • Co-branded wrist bands to drive awareness 

  • Sponsored social media awareness contests 

  • Branded apparel / specialty wear


Foundation Support


Enhance awareness and increase social engagement by underwriting existing programs, or customized programs developed to meet your organization’s goals.


Employee Engagement


  • Ignite employee engagement and increase productivity through special programs created for your human capital needs.

    ​Examples include:

    • Employee Assistance Program enhancements such as financial literacy modules, financial coaching assistance, counselor hotline

    • Workplace fundraising events

    • Group financial literacy training- online, F2F

    • Private label / white box learning systems




  • Grow your reach and increase brand loyalty through sponsorships. Potential examples include but are not limited to:

  • Facility & Incubator Sponsorships, including naming rights & donor plaques

  • Financial Learning Hub / Mobile App


Event Participation & Sponsorships


Throughout the year, FHCCS events can bring awareness to the critical mission of creating financial accountability. Each event brings an opportunity for your organization to join the mission by sponsoring full or partial events, and/or special programs or merchandise for the event.


Gifts In-Kind


Help make an impact and showcase your organizations expertise through gifts of goods and services. Examples include:


  • Services such as landscaping, HVAC, and security

  • Goods such as office furniture, supplies

  • Professional services such as printing, administrative, legal

  • Technology such as computers/laptops, software, copier/ printers, networking

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