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Tranformational Learning Systems that Create Financially Accountable and Sustainable Communities

“The friendly counselor and the support and follow up helped relieve the overwhelming worry of losing the home we have put so much time and money into. I do not know about the entire organization but the people I worked with are exceptional people.”

Counselor: April Turner

“Your coach was excellent. She understood what had happened and outlined the fact that we are still upside down with money in most months but is willing to help us. Since speaking with her we did develop a plan to be totally debt free in one year if possible. It is radical and requires major steps but the urgency is now there. Thank you.”

Counselor/Coach: Caira Dean

“My counselor was very knowledgeable and caring which helped me feel less alone in my situation. Thank you for your service and being there for people like my husband and I. He has health issues which contributed to our financial problems. We are very grateful for these government programs and the workers who run them. Thank you.”

Counselor/Coach: Maria Ramirez

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful way of helping and assisting people to find solutions to work around their financial problems mainly the ones related to housing and credit issues.”

Counselor/Coach: Angela Lair

“The counseling program is great, the staff are kind and understanding as well as knowledgeable. I appreciate all the help I received and grateful that such a program exists.”

Counselor/Coach: Ernest Lopez

“At a time of great worry and despair my call to April provided the reassurance that all was not lost and we would be able to stay in our home. Thank you.”


Counselor/Coach: April Turner

“The housing counseling program helped me tremendously! The counselor I spoke to (Kitty Palmer) was outstanding and very professional. She informed me of a program which I might qualify for, which no one had ever informed me about. I contacted the number she gave me for this program and I was deemed qualified and eligible for assistance.


They negotiated with Select Portfolio Servicing and paid my delinquent mortgage payments, bringing it up to date and out of a possible foreclosure. I am now current on my mortgage and making my monthly payments on time.”

Counselor/Coach: Kitty Palmer

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